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'Cluster Craft' 2024 - "A Moment of Harmony"

A Moment of Harmony series


This series of porcelain wall sculpture is a hand-build porcelain wall sculpture.  This installation evokes a moment of harmony where butterflies are gliding around the plants and nature is in perfect harmony.    I decided to explore the potential of Porcelain to create a form of sculpture - an imaginary plant that seek to express the overwhelming energy and power of nature to prevail in the world, despite the odds. The hard sharp spikes, thorns, tentacles and tendrils in the work point towards this strength and resilience, which act as a form of intuitive life force for the plant - a means of survival.


For me porcelain is the perfect material to represent the idea of fragility, strength, vitality and the power of transformation of people and nature itself.  In this installation I wanted to capture life force, the vitality yet fragility of nature and people naturally exhibit - something indeed we can learn much from, both as a species and as individual people.  

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