Visual Artist 

Naoko Tagai was born in Kyoto, Japan, and is currently based in London. She gained MA in Ceramics and Glass at the Royal college of Art. 

Naoko believes that the artist’s creativity is an extremely sensitive and dynamic process, which contacts directly into the unconscious. Artist can animate the sensuous experience by being aware of all the senses through sight, smell, hearing, feeling, touch and taste.


The work she creates is a direct contact of her feelings, unconscious, senses and the material itself.  Every mark and movement within the work is the representation of expressed emotions and feelings at the time; therefore each work has a unique and individual quality.  


She works with diverse media, including glass, ceramics sculpture, photography, drawing and painting, and printmaking. These works reflect her primary interest and fascination with moments in nature. She is fascinated with a moment in time. Time fleet but each moment contains everything, in which there exists an interconnection between past, present and future, decay and regeneration, nature and human. These moments are revealed the sensitivity of light and shadow, and its movement, and evocative space in nature. She finds it transcendence, spiritual feeling of void, yet total wholeness.  


Naoko tries to create these moments in each work.

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